Under Armour Outlet

The Under Armour Outlet in Woodbury Commons is one of the most popular outlets. As a popular designer brand in sportswear and high performance gear, many athletes or people that regularly work out are looking for some Under Armour offers.  To get even more discount, check out the special Under Armour Outlet coupon that are available for you. Redeeming coupons is always a good way to increase your shopping experience, like some of the other tips listed in the Outlet Shopping Guide. It is one of the bigger outlets in the Central Valley Mall, as you can also read on Yelp.

How to reach the Store?

The UA Outlet is located near the parking lots 1-13, West of the Outlet Center. Check out the Stores Map and find the Outlet Store located in suite 185 of the Mall. When you want to visit the Under Armour Outlet, please check the address and map below:

350 Red Apple Court
Central Valley, NY 10917
+1 845-928-3013

Founding Under Armour

There are not many designer brands that became big and famous as quickly as Kevin Plank. Especially when you consider he started the company from his grandma’s basement.

Under Armour Outlet Woodbury Commons
Under Armour store at Woodbury Commons Outlet

The idea of starting the company, as many ideas do, came from Kevin’s own experience as an American Football-player. He was tired of changing shirts during halftime, when it was soaked with sweat again and again. He started experimenting with microfiber technology and had his friends and family try his inventions. They absolutely loved the shirts he was constructing and quite soon his technology hit like a bomb, as players from the professional NFL league got interested in using them. Later on other brands jumped on the microfiber train, but until today, Under Armour is still the leading brand in the technology.

State of the Art Technology

Under Armour became famous for using state of the art technology in their clothing, shoes and apparels. Having unique technology to make athletes perform at their best is one of the reasons for the fast growth of the brand. Check out which unique stuff they came up with for their products, that are used by people all over the world.


The Under Armour shirts have light, fast-drying fabric with mesh where you need it and use the UA’s signatured Moisture Transport System technology to push sweat away from your body, so it dries faster. The technology used in the Under Armour shirts and shorts provide compression and perspiration off your skin rather than absorb it and thus creating soaked shirts and underwear. This technology creates a unique structure that enables the clothing to keep you warm during winter or dry and cool during summer. For this the company designed HeatGear® when it’s hot, ColdGear® when it’s cold, and AllSeasonGear® between the extreme weather conditions. Especially doing outdoor sports, like running, golf, football and training give the most benefits of this technology.

A unique product in the UA catalog are the compression shirts. These are designed to keep you warm, dry and light, no matter what the temperature is and gives your muscles that extra boost they need. The fit of the shirt is extremely tight and will cover your body anywhere it needs to. The seems are flat locked, so your body will not suffer from any chafing during hours of hard workout.
Check out some of the raving the trip to Woodbury and find out for yourself.


Under Armour Outlet SalesFor Under Armour Shoes state of the art techniques are used, like 4D Foam® cushioning for greater airflow and comfortable, customized fit. Micro G® foam for extra foot support and an extra ventilated, ultra light upper. Special Anti-Odor technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes that will make your shirts smelly after a while.
The underwear is one of the top sold items, with their streamlined fit, ultra-soft and lightweight comfort and 4-Way Stretch fabrication that enhances an athletes mobility and maintains shape. Also here the signature Moisture Transport System technology is used again, so you will never have sweaty underwear again. The women’s underwear also features an anti-microbial technology to keep you fresher throughout the day.

Bags & Backpacks

The Under Armour backpacks are designed to resist any type of weather and keep your stuff safe during all kinds of conditions. The special UA Storm technology is designed to be highly water-resistant and it will keep any rain or snow away from the inside of the bags. The backpacks also have a convenient front laundry pouch to separate your gear before and after training exercises. of course the bags & backpacks come in nice and bright colors too, so it goes nicely with your own style of fashion.


Sunglasses made by Under Armor have some unique, patented technology to protect your eyes from the sun and guaranteed comfortable fit. The Ultra-light ArmourFusion® technology will keep your sunglasses light and almost unbreakable. The ArmourSight® lens technology will keep your sight up to 20% more undistorted and the lenses are up to 10X stronger than ordinary poly-carbonate lenses. Next to that the designs are made to be worn comfortably and adjust airflow during workouts to keep you cool. Make sure to check the Outlet Store for a pair of these when you get to Woodbury!

Special Athletes’s Sponsor-ships

By agreeing on special athletes’ sponsorship’s, Under Armour is able to promote its products among a large group of people that are following these athletes in many different types of sports. Thus showing the capability of the brand and giving extra credibility.
Among the athletes promoting UA, are really famous ones like Canelo Álvarez, Tom Brady, Bryce Harper, Ray Lewis and Lindsey Vonn. Also teams like the USA Gymnastics team, soccer club Tottenham Hotspur several college athletic teams are sponsored by Under Armour.