Woodbury Commons Reviews

What others say about shopping at Woodbury Commons Reviews. When you go there, you want to know what the general public think about this shopping mall. There are many outlets, excellent parking spaces and Outlet Shopping at Woodbury.

Tripadvisor gives 4 Star Rating!

So you know it, one of the most important places you start searching for a review is on Tripadvisor. The visitors of this site read the full reviews on the Tripadvisor website.

“Good and bad experience”

This reviewer says that the list of shops is amongst the best there is in the world and he really enjoyed the premium shopping experience of the Outlet. The bad thing? Some minor issue with one of the stores that didn’t remove the security tag…

“A Shoppers Heaven!!”

A 5 star review saying the complex was very large, with discount designer brands to suit all shoppers, from kids to adults. It is especially font of the design of the Outlet, hundreds of cottages transformed into shops!

“Well worth the drive ”

Getting the real shopping experience and in the end overall satisfying. Plenty of big Outlets, nice food court and a big outdoor space. Happy Shopping!

“Just fantastic… great shops, great bargains”

Claiming that Woodbury Commons is a genuine shoppers paradise and advises you to plan spending a whole day there, which is still not nearly enough to see everything.

“Good bargain for branded bags, shoes, clothes”

The Outlet Mall houses more than 200 premium brands, local and international and he did not come back empty handed. Especially for American brands, like Coach, Kate Spade, etc. the prices are said to be much lower than the stores in the city.

“Power shopping!”
My husband and I were there on January 1st and 2nd, during the snow storm. Arriving around 5 pm, most of the shuttle buses form New York had already left, so we had more leg room to check out the stores we wanted to hit the next day.

VERY IMPORTANT: You can get the $10 coupon book for free! You just have to register online on the Premium Outlets site (be sure to check out the Woodbury Outlet since there are several in the US) as a VIP member. It doesn’t cost a thing and you can download a notice that you bring to the customer service information desk and they will give you the booklet for free coupons.

We arrived at 10 am the next day and started our 10 hour power shopping. We found great deals at Columbia, Coach, Fossil, Lancôme, Puma and many more. Some stores do not have that many deals; Michael Kors had the same prices than the regular store in Canada. Be aware of that. The coupons are well worth it.

January 2nd: Snow Storm Day. To our disappointment, some Outlets had closed at 7 pm. We did not expect this at all since closing time is 9 pm. And frankly, there wasn’t that much snow, maybe because we are from Canada and nothing closes except schools, during BIG snow storms. Maybe it was a good thing, since our SUV was already packed…lol

Great shopping at the Outlets! Be aware of regular prices beforehand and come prepared. Bad weather, means less line ups! The restrooms are plentiful and very clean.

Also high on Viator

Also Viator gives the Shopping Mall mostly 5 and 4 star reviews. Read some of the recommendations the Viator travelers are giving to you when visiting the Woodbury Outlet.

An Excellent 8.1 at Foursquare

The website that is all about sharing and saving nice places to go to Coupon Deals, large shopping area and a great selection of designer stores, with Outlet pricing.

One of the great tips that is given by one of the visitors:

“Go after 4pm when tourists are leaving! Best time to shop is at night when it’s empty.”

And another great advise, especially when traveling by car:

“Never come here on the weekends. Traffic is crazy! Take it from someone who lives here.”

What Yelp users have to say

Check out some of the great Yelp reviews and the positive feed-backs from Woodbury Common Outlets customers that went there already. The Outlet scores an excellent 3.5 out of 5 star rating with more than 300 reviews.

Happy bargain hunting 🙂

A helpful review from one of the Yelp users with years of Woodbury Experience that even contains some excellent Shopping Tips:

I love outlets and shopping and sales so going to Woodbury Common Outlets is the closest I’ll ever come to making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Some tips I’ve learned from coming here over the years:

  • Bring a light jacket unless you’re coming over the summer. It tends to get windy and cold at some times.
  • Sign up online to their ‘club’ and you’ll get a voucher to get a coupon book
  • You can generally find parking by Saks Off 6th
  • The only store that’s really worth waiting on line for is Tory Burch isn’t worth it unless you’re really devoted to getting something.
  • The bathrooms by the food court are gross. Go to the ones by Gap/Banana Republic where it’s a lot cleaner and a lot less crowded.