Woodbury Commons Hours

You gotta love the Woodbury Commons hours, as the Outlet is opened for a long time, which gives you the opportunity to plan a long shopping trip. The Woodbury Outlet is always looking for ways to bring more convenience to their customers. Having extra long shopping hours is one of them and this is exactly what shoppers expect from the 220 stores outlet center in New York. When you make the trip to Woodbury, you want to spend as much time as possible to get the full experience and longer opening hours provide this service. We bet you don’t want to spend precious hours of waiting for a closed door in the morning or for the bus to pick you up in the evening.

You can shop daily from 9AM till 9PM, but for more opening hours we recommend to check the official Woodbury Common Premium Outlets website for all the opening hours!

The Woodbury Commons hours can differ depending on certain occasions and are particularly longer during the holidays seasons. Especially if you need to know if your favorite Outlet Store will open during your visit, this information comes in handy. You will find all the opening hours right there, listed in a nice overview, so you will never stand before a closed Outlet Store.

The Woodbury Commons Hours, start shopping now!

Holiday Hours

During the Holiday Season and special sales events the Woodbury Outlets have extended hours of operation. This means even more shopping pleasure outside the daily 12 hours you already have during the regular opening times. If you want to know the exact holiday hours, please check the official Woodbury Common Premium Outlets website for all the opening hours. Here you will find out about Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas shopping to an extend you will never believe.

Plan some EXTRA Hours for your Trip

When traveling to Woodbury Commons, there are some things to consider that may make you decide to plan some EXTRA hours for your trip.

  • When taking the bus to Woodbury, redeem your tickets preferably in the afternoon, one or two days before you need them. The waiting lines start a bit longer in the morning hours, so always keep in mind to arrive at least one hour prior to your desired departure time to the Outlet.
  • Woodbury is about an hour drive from New York City, but still plan some additional time for your trip.  Add some extra time, for instance to calculate extra traveling time during traffic jams or busy hours in the holiday seasons. Or take the shuttle to the Woodbury Outlet for more convenience.
  • Park at a convenient place, near the shops you like to visit. If you are a big shopper, you can quickly loose an hour just to walk back and forth to your car or get stuck in the traffic that wants to leave Woodbury Commons when they close the stores.
  • Keep an eye on the Outlet News, which mentions special events that can cause queuing at some popular stores. Keep some extra hours in mind to avoid getting frustrated when waiting in line. You don’t want to end up in Woodbury Chaos!
  • There are many brands in the Woodbury Commons store directory, so you may really need that extra hour to visit all of your favorite ones.

No time for extra discount?

When you can shop for 12 hours, you would say that you have more than enough time to shop for the best bargains you can find. Since the Woodbury Outlet features about 220 outlet stores, you may run into some serious shopping issues here! To avoid the feeling of not having enough discount when visiting the mall, check out the Woodbury Commons coupons page, so you are well prepared to find the best possible bargains in Woodbury NY and save your time to actually shop!