An Extra Hour at Woodbury Commons

Since the 20th of June the Woodbury Commons Hours will have an extra hour for you to start shopping. Instead of opening at 10 A.M. the Outlet will now already be open at 9 A.M! The closing time at 9 P.M will remain the same for this moment. The new opening hours apply from Monday till Sunday, so every day of the week.

Early Shoppers

The Woodbury Commons management decided to extend the opening hours, because of the many shoppers that already arrived in the early hours before the outlets opened their doors. This extra hour in the morning should give the customers the chance to enjoy the facilities of the premium outlets shopping center even more and shows that customer service is high on the Woodbury Commons list.

Holiday Hours

Normally extended hours only apply to holiday hours, but this new schedule enables customers to enjoy the outlet an hour extra every day. Check out the complete list of holiday hours for Woodbury Commons for some extended shopping time.

4th of July Summer Sale

Next event will be the 4th of July Summer Sales starting at Thursday July 2nd and will last until Sunday July 5th. During the summer sales the outlet is open from 9:00 A.M till 9 P.M.