Outlet Shopping Guide

This is the ultimate Outlet Shopping Guide designed for you! You can now start your shopping trip well prepared, so you won’t lose any time wandering around at Woodbury Common Outlet. As this is a large area, we definitely advise you to follow at least some of the tips listed in the below guide to be shopping as an expert!

Factory Outlet Stores

Woodbury Commons has more than 220 Outlet stores, as you can see on the printable map of the Woodbury Outlet. That way you can easily to plan which stores you are going to visit.

Designer Brands

With the Outlet Map you’ll have a nice overview of all the shops of the Designer Brands you definitely want to visit during your trip. Create a big mark on the map for those stores you want to see that day, so you will surely not miss out on them! Also check for the places to grab something to eat, as you will be starving after a few hours of intensive shopping.

Route through the Outlet

With your favorite stores marked on the map it now becomes easy to create your route through the Outlet Stores. Make sure to plan enough time in the shops, take some breaks and have something to eat while you move on. This way you will have a nice and relaxed day of shopping without missing anything you really wanted to see. Also check for special offers in your favorite shops!

Avoid Weekend Madness

woodbury-commons-shopping-guideIt may appear to you as an odd tip, but avoiding weekend will surely enhance your shopping experience. As the Outlet Mall usually is much more crowded during weekends, it can ruin your day and planning. Of course the same applies to the holidays, like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Eastern and occasional sales.

You want a relax day of shopping? Plan your trip on weekdays. As the Woodbury Outlet has extended opening hours every day, you can shop till late in the evening and visit all the Outlet Stores you need. What is more relaxing then shopping on a nice midsummer eve and visit your favorite Designer brands?

Get some free coupons

When you want to have even more discount, try to get some free coupons and get additional discounts off the already discounted outlet prices.

Read the Reviews

It’s always good to special sales events or not bother at all. People that have already been there know how to find special deals and will tell you if the outlet prices are good enough to make the trip. You can never have enough information to guide you and plan your shopping trip to Woodbury Commons!