Woodbury Commons Map

When visiting the Outlet Center, the Woodbury Commons Map is the best way to start making a plan for your trip to the Woodbury Outlet. This is also listed as one of the best tips for going Outlet Shopping without getting lost or missing out on some great brands when you visit Woodbury to do some shopping. First off is to make a choice for your ‘must-see‘ designer-brands from the stores directory of the outlet mall and mark these on the map. The best way to achieve this is to print a copy of the full map with all the stores listed and plan a shopping route for your trip in advance. Marking them on the map makes it easy to create the best route through the Outlets of Woodbury.
As an extra benefit, this map also contains some printable discount coupons that you can use for extra discounts at the outlets. Also check for special offers and coupons, for even more discounts in your favorite shops!

If you plan enough time in the shops, don’t forget to take some breaks and have something to eat. There are plenty of restaurants available and there is even a food court at the Market Hall, with restaurants like Chipotle, Pret A Manger and Pinkberry. There are also plenty of Coca Cola vending machines throughout the mall to quickly grab a refreshing drink. You can ensure yourself a have a relax day of shopping, when sticking to these tips, without missing any Outlet Stores you definitely want to visit while in Woodbury.

Area’s in Woodbury Commons

As you can see in the sample map below, the Woodbury Outlet is divided into five area’s, represented by different colors. This makes it easy to make a plan and going through the mall one area at a time. The main outlet stores are already listed here, for the full directory you need to obtain the printable copy.

Woodbury Commons Store Map to print and take with you

So here are the five area’s, all named after a different color (and an area in New York).

Grapevine Court

The purple area shows the Grapevine Court (or Adirondacks) of the Woodbury Commons Map is adjacent to the Market Hall area and has the following main designer brands:

You will also find the Welcome Center, in which you can retrieve all the information you need and also obtain extra coupons. Next to American Eagle is the new Market Hall, which offers a great variety of restaurants.

Bluebird Court

The blue area is the Bluebird Court (or Saratoga), which is adjacent to the new Parking Deck and the main brands are:

The Bluebird Court also has a playing are for your kids in the middle of that area, so if you bring them, make sure to plan in some quality playing time.

Red Apple Court

The red area is the biggest and it shows the Red Apple Court (or Hudson Valley). Here you have some big brands like:

From the Red Apple Court you can also easily reach the Market Hall and take a break from your shopping.

Evergreen Court

The green area shows you the Evergreen Court (or Hamptons) and is located south of the Market Hall. It has some nice brands like:

  • North Face
  • GAP Outlet
  • J.Crew
  • Dunhill
  • Adidas

If you want a nice coffee, you will find a Starbucks right at the top of the Evergreen Court. It also shows on the map above.

Marigold Court

Finally there is the Marigold Court (or Niagara), shown in the orange/gold area of the map. It is slightly nudged in the sample, but it goes from the green to the read area. The following brands are present here:

The Marigold is leading you around the parking lot that is located inside the circle of the red, green and orange/gold area of the map.