Loft Outlet

Shopping is one of the most enjoyable pastimes there is. And what’s better than shopping is shopping at great discounted prices. The designer brand LOFT has been doing just that. It is a one-stop shop for fashionable brands at outlet or depot prices. It prides itself as being one of the biggest shopping sites there is, carrying hundreds of well known brands and items ranging from shoes, apparel, accessories and even maternity wear and wedding gown collections. Yup, you will find everything you need here and more. So why would you shop maternity clothes online, when Loft has an Outlet Store in which you can fit your new clothes and see if they are a perfect match?!

Celebrating Women

Loft understands that women play different and ever changing roles. Thus, the clothes she wears must all help her look and feel confident, not just beautiful. The designs offered at Loft were meant to inspire and simplify a woman’s choices. Besides offering great clothes at reasonable prices, store attendants act as personal stylists – offering sound advice on what really looks good on a person and what doesn’t. The choices there are versatile, fashionable and flattering.

Loft Outlet Woodbury Commons
Discount at the Loft Outlet Store

It’s easy to shop around Loft as it the store is set up in neat compartments. This way the retailers are able to sort and organize according to colors and patterns. For example the denim or jean section doesn’t just have racks of pants. Instead, one will find denim jackets, tops, dresses, pants, shoes and bags. Basically a whole outfit suggestion if you want to go down the route. The LOFT is cozy, inviting and unpretentious. The Loft Outlet has an extensive maternity clothes catalog, so you will always look at your best, also during pregancy!

Loft Outlet Address

The Loft Outlet is located close to the Food Court in the center of Woodbury Commons. Check out the address and map below:

498 Red Apple Ct
Central Valley, NY 10917
+1 845-928-9152

Something for Everyone

LOFT has been around for years and is operated by the same management as the popular
Ann Taylor Company. This one has been around since 1954 and has established a great name for itself as a woman’s store. A pioneer in the retail industry, Ann Taylor brings the best brands and offers them at an affordable price. The company has been operating from its headquarters in New York City. The company as a whole has more than USD 960 million in assets. LOFT Outlet, Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Factory and LOFT are all expertly handled and marketed as different brands. These four distinct entities bring in millions of customers each year. Why? the success of these brands can be attributed to them offering something for everyone. Loft and Loft Outlet for example, carries a wide range of clothing or apparel for women.

You can find different styles of clothing to match your mood or the season when you shop at LOFT. There are shorts, dresses, sweaters and jackets, maternity wear and so many other options. They are sorted and classified in neat and organized sections making it easy for each user to locate and pick out the items they like. Looking for some “Hot Mama maternity clothes“? This is the Outlet for you!

Sizes are Forgiving

One of the most difficult thing for a woman is to shop for her size of clothing or shoes. Often, there are styles which are available only in small sizes and vice versa. This is sometimes frustrating for a woman. In a perfect world, if she finds a dress she likes she should be able to find it in her size. At the LOFT Outlet, that’s almost always the case. The sizes range from petite to plus size and the company tries to carry the whole range for each style and design. This is one of the reasons that makes Loft so popular. Here, women don’t feel that they are being discriminated upon because of their shape or waist line size.

loft-maternity-dressMaternity Wear

When it comes to maternity wear, Loft still has women covered. Instead of frumpy maternity dresses that do nothing but accentuate the baby weight, Loft offers stylish dresses that celebrate a woman’s pregnancy. There’s no intention to hide the bump yet it makes an effort to keep a woman stylish with brilliantly-cut styles and fabrics that drape over her form.

The Best in Fashion

Women shop at the LOFT and the Loft Outlet because of the trendy designs on offer. Just because they’re sold for less doesn’t mean that these are all last season’s picks. No. That is hardly the case. Loft is in fact a trend setter when it comes to fashion. Every season they introduce something new. Among the popular picks this season are the chiffon tops, the leg lengthening slacks and the imitation fur jackets and sweaters. When it comes to shoes, the sold out ones are the wedge sandals which add just the right amount of height to a woman’s silhouette. The shoes are all made of man-made leather and boast of great craftsmanship. Style them with urban chic ensembles and chunky accessories and you’re all set for a fun date night.

Loft Outlet Coupons Are Ever Popular

We’ve talked about discounts. In fact, the Loft Outlet coupons are part of what makes this store a popular shopping destination. The coupons sometimes offer as much as 60 percent off on particular items. Women who are avid Loft shoppers collect these in advance and save them for special occasions. Others line up all night just to get them and treat them as closely-guarded treasures. They can be used for clothes, accessories and even wedding dresses. There’s also a clearance section where clothes go for as much as 80 percent off the original price. Mind you, these are clothes that are still in season. Check out how you can redeem your Loft Outlet Coupons.

Think of how much money you’ll be able to save just by shopping at the LOFT. You’ll find everything you want and need right here, and you don’t have to max out your credit card every payday just to look stylish and fashionable.