Expansion and Enhancement Plans of Woodbury Commons Outlet

Last year, the world’s leading retail real estate company and owner of Woodbury Commons Outlet, announced plans to enhance and expand the Woodbury Outlet Mall and giving it a huge face-lift. As the New York Times reports, there is a $170 million renovation ongoing. The expansion commenced in June last year and the expectaton is to have it finished in 2016. The Woodbury Outlet will expand by 60,000 square feet for a total of 900,000 square feet. This provides extra space for 20 additional outlet stores, a brand new parking deck to accommodate nearly 20 percent more cars and a totally revised welcome center.
Woodbury has been attracting more upscale designer brands and this expansion and enhancement plan will definitely help the Outlet to be valuable for all renowned brands.

What will Woodbury Commons do for $170,000,000?

The $170 million investment will bring the Woodbury Commons Outlet to a whole new level of customer experience. All area’s of shopping are upgraded to improve the arrival at the Outlet Mall, the shops, dining places and the whole experience of the center altogether. Next to renovation and improvements to existing outlet stores and buildings, there will be a whole new 60,000 square feet area with new designer outlet spaces and facilities.

woodbury-commons-outlet-new-market-hallThe visual improvements will include landscaping throughout the entire shopping center, new hardscape for all the walkways and enhancing seating areas with fountains and fireplaces. Also all restrooms will be rehabilitated to modern standards.The current welcome center will be demolished and make room for a larger welcome center that shall be known as the “Market Hall.” A Colonial-style building that will also replace the current food court and bring the entrance of the Woodbury Outlet to a whole new level.

No more traffic jams?

The Woodbury Commons Outlet is currently known for its traffic jams on special days like Black Friday. The expansion and enhancement of the Shopping Mall will also include a realignment of the Mall’s roadway system. This will have a positive impact on traffic flows and should definitely reduce traffic jams during normal weekends or holidays. Of course Black Friday will always remain “Nightmare Friday”, but this should ease the pain a little…

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